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LA DOLCE VITA di Cristel Faliero

Ciao amici! My name is Cristel Faliero. I come from Rome and I want to share the soul of my country with all of you through your taste buds! As many of you know, Italians are famous for a style of life called “ la dolce vita “ which means “the sweet life”. It is an expression born in Rome In the 60’s, when an incredible desire to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of life exploded in the city. Today la dolce vita represents the soul of my culture, embracing and enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life.
This has become a philosophy appreciated all over the world! So here I am, encouraging you to let me bring some dolce vita into your life with Faliero’s food! Take a break from worry for a moment and spoil yourself! Invite friends and family to join you and eat something delicious! I believe that good food is such a wonderful way to connect and bring people together to create special moments of life. So whatever the reason , whomever you are with, take a moment to celebrate a la dolce vita moment and let the rest wait! FALIERO’S is here to bring the taste of Italy to your table! Buon Appetito!

Imported Italian food & wine

Call Cristel faliero for your Italian grocery, we have a lot of fantastic products: weekly delivered directly from Italy, Europe and the States.

Home Made Fresh Egg Pasta Every Week

You can order your favorite Ravioli, Gnocchi, Lasagna and Fresh Pasta. We make them every week just for you!